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Rosink-Werkstätten GmbH

A global player

Rosink-Werkstätten GmbH Our Company

In the field of heat recovery Rosink-Werkstätten products find global success in the market. Since 1980 Rosink-Werkstätten design and manufacture heat exchangers and heat recovery units for various fields of application. The construction of smaller economizers for boiler plants up to large modules is customized and adapted to on-site space conditions. Rosink-Werkstätten strong point are our expert teams of shop floor workers and assemblers with technical know-how replacing an anonymous mass production in a positive way.

The company is a specialist in the field producing fintubes according to the patented NOH welding procedure. These helically finned tubes are fully welded and are available in a wide variety of material combinations and dimensions. Additionally double and single rectangular finned tubes complement our production program.

Furthermore Rosink-Werkstätten Cleaning Systems Division are designing and producing a full line of heat transfer surface cleaning products. Our range of products includes all types required for the cleaning of heating surfaces in power stations, heating and industrial boilers and incinerators.

With Rosink-Werkstätten you have a dependable partner at your side that established its reputation with reliability and flexibility for more than 30 years. Our team stands for the committed and competent provision of services with a high level of safety and quality consciousness.

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